Literary Paraphernalia: 10 DIY Projects for Book Lovers

I’m a poor college student. Actually, all of the writers of this blog are college students and fairly broke. While we write these posts about literary paraphernalia and how much we’d love to own some of these great book-related items, we really can’t afford to.

It makes me sad.

That’s why I decided to hijack this column for the week and do a list of DIY projects that range from easy to difficult and aren’t terribly expensive.

We’ll start with the easy DIY projects first. These will require little to no extra crafting gear outside of say, glue, a pen, and maybe some scissors.

DIY Paint Chip Bookmarks

(Credit: BellaCarta.Typepad.Com)

This bookmark is simple, cheap, and versatile. While doodling flowers is one method of decorating this bookmark, another (which I would probably do) would be to write your favorite book quote on draw various literary characters into the different colored boxes.


DIY Mini Notebooks

(Image Source: KaleyAnn.Com)
(Credit: KaleyAnn.Com)

These cute little notebooks are a snap to make and great for writers to use! You can also grab some Sharpies and decorate the covers. These would also make cute gifts.

Jumbo Clip Bookmarks

(Credit: AlteredToPerfection.Blogspot.Com)

Yes, another bookmark, but a super easy cute one. This would be a good little customizable gift to give people on Valentine’s Day, for example, or at a shower of some sort.


Vintage Paper Flowers

(Credit: KristaSewInspired.Blogspot.Com)

I love these little flowers. They can be used to create accents on all kinds of things within the home – like the branches pictured above. And, according to the tutorial, they are pretty easy to make.

Now we’ll move onto more complex DIY projects. These might involve buying some crafting gear.


DIY Gift Wrap, Tags, and more!

(Credit: AlisaBurke.Blogspot.Com)

These are adorable ways to wrap a gift for any book lover. Remember – if you don’t have old, falling apart books you’d like to use for these projects, you can always pick up a news paper or print a few pages of your favorite book on your printer to use instead. The destruction of books is not necessary in these projects.


DIY Candy Books

(Credit: HungryHappenings.Com)

Um, yum. These are great for gifts, for parties, for showers, or for plain old eating. Enjoy.


DIY Book Lampshade

(Credit: TheMariMakes.Blogspot.Com)

I’m trying to make a good pun here – with this lampshade, you can read books by booklight! No, that’s no good. But this lampshade is pretty cool and doesn’t take a ton of effort outside of doing a lot of gluing.

Now onto the harder DIY projects. These are things you’ll need extra materials for but, heck, they’re all worth the extra elbow grease!


DIY Book Lamp

(Credit: HGTV.Com)

This is the coolest lamp ever, hands down. Also, wouldn’t this look great with the above DIY Lampshade? The answer is yes. If you have some woodworking equipment and a drill, enjoy!


DIY Book Necklace

(Credit: MandiPidy.Com)

I’m not one that’s had very much success in making jewelry, but if you feel so inclined, this necklace is a really cool DIY project to get started on. I’d wear it, I just don’t know if I’m crafty enough to make it.


DIY Comic Book (or any book really) Shoes


This video is awesome. Thanks Paul Mason for this tutorial. I would make these shoes out of comics and classic novels alike. Note to self: never wear these out in the rain.


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