From Amora to Zatanna: Blog Update

Where did the time go, comic junkies?! My sincerest apologies for disappearing off the inter-webs for so long! As I wrote in a blog long ago, I was finishing up my Master’s project and graduating. Having finished all school stuffs for the time being and finally kicking this weird funk I was in since graduation (see story shorts for June), I figured now was the time to restructure the way I publish posts here and keep you guys informed on the content I hope to provide every month. While things will not change too drastically, I am attempting to make postings a bit more uniform and, perhaps, more frequent! So without further ado, here is what I plan on writing:

NicciBusinessCardFront1. Comic Criticisms and Defenses: These posts will focus on critically analyzing a popular topic in comics. I will not write blog responses to specific incidents about comics anymore (such as the blog I wrote about Goyer and his sexist comments about She-Hulk) because every comic blogger tends to jump into the fray and, as a result, their voices are lost. Instead, I will discuss important themes present in the comic community and do my best to actually add something original to the conversation.

2. Teaching with Comics: Now that I have graduated and received my Master’s, I am transitioning from a student to an adjunct English instructor. As such, I want to share some of my teaching materials and discussions (sans student comments) with you all. Maybe there is a new teacher out there who wants to use comics too, or even a veteran who wants to shake things up a bit.

NicciBusinessCardBack 3. Writer Advice/Updates: Okay, so as you may know from previous blog posts, I’m hoping to become a comic writer. As such, I plan on posting a few blogs here and there with advice I have gained from others, or to update you on the progress of my own work. Here is my business card (which my wonderful animator friend, Hannah, made up for me). So excuse the shameless plug, but feel free to follow me on twitter for more updates as they come!

4. Comic Pulls/Convention Round-ups: These blogs will be listicles of comics and goodies I have on pull at my local comic shop, or that I found attending a local comic convention. I will try to take many pictures of these conventions as well!

a-force-cover-d34a8-720x10925. One-shots: These will probably be less frequent, and will only be for under-appreciated characters in a continuing series, authors of trades/graphic novels, and some comic series that I feel are worth sharing with you guys. Think of them like special reviews.

Also, just so there is no confusion, here are some things I will discontinue posting or never post:

A) Comic History: While I do enjoy bringing up fun stuff that happened in comic’s past, I feel like focusing on the present state of comics is more my goal for this blog. Plus, some history and facts will likely appear in the aforementioned blog topics as is, so why have a separate category?

B) Comic House Reviews: There are so many comic publishing houses and comic properties within those houses that I think it would be difficult to do the appropriate research and write a comprehensive post while also teaching and writing my own stuff. Again, some of this will be brought up in my other postings.

avengers_downey_newC) Comic Movies/Television: As much as I would LOVE to write reviews, critiques, and other things related to the large amount of comic movies and shows that have been spawning lately, I really just want to focus on the source material, i.e. the comics themselves. I might write critiques or defenses in relation to the comic issue(s) of a particular movie and why accuracy might be important, but I will not necessarily comment on the movies themselves.

At least once a month (though the posting date will be random), I plan to write one of the above blogs, though I am really aiming to post more often. Please feel free to follow me on other social medias and leave me some comments here with your own thoughts, questions, concerns! Let’s do this blog right, shall we?


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