The Two Book Rule

My friend is much wiser than me. He, you see, brings at least two books with him every place he goes.

I sometimes bring a book, or my kindle, but sometimes I forget and I’ll just leave the house with myself, my keys, my wallet, and my cellphone.

Sometimes I get really, really bored.

He, on the other hand, always has two books with him to read, so he’s generally always got something to do if conversation slows down or if there’s a wait somewhere or something of the like.

The other day I asked him, out of curiosity, “friend, why do you always have two books with you? Why not just bring one?”

He gave the simplest, most elegant answer I could imagine, “Well, what would I do if I finished the first book and didn’t have the second book? Not read?”

So now, personally, I’m implementing a new rule that I’d like to share. I call it the two book rule. The rule is as follows:

Baby with a bunch of books

1. No leaving the house without having AT LEAST two books with you.

FYI – magazines do not count as books. Journals do not count as books. A short story is, well, too short! Poetry tends to be too short to count on its own as well. But a whole bunch of magazines or journals you’ve been meaning to catch up on would count towards one of your books. Or a collection of short stories or poems would work as one of your books too.

2. At least one of these books must be FOR PLEASURE reading, not for class nor for work.

Because, seriously, and I really do love to study, sometimes you just aren’t in the right environment to sit and read and retain information from a book. Sometimes you just need action and adventure to get you through the next hour. So please do bring some work/school related books to study up on, but don’t restrict yourself to ONLY reading from that category while out and about.

3. At least one book must be one you haven’t read before.

It’s great to reread favorites, but, again, your mood might change and you might not find yourself able to get into your favorite story as much as you want to, or you might find yourself getting bored halfway through.

That’s it! I could add in more rules, but really, you guys can add your own! Personally, I plan on also adding in a clause that I must, since I borrow a lot of books from friends, read one borrowed book a month so I can start returning those darned things! And, if you’re part of a book club, you could also have another self-imposed rule that your book club book takes priority over your other readings (well, except stuff for school, right?).


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  1. stephellaneous

    I have followed this rule for years, only now I’ve altered it to suit my current reading habits: Must have at least one physical book. Must have iPad, stocked with at least one comic book or graphic novel. We’ve gotta have that reading material!

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      I didn’t even mention comic books or graphic novels! I think those are great for this rule too, and I like the one physical/one digital rule too. I’m implementing that policy as well.

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