Mashups are a popular thing, right?

Only if you watch this show.

Wait, let me try that again.

Has this ever happened to you?

You: Hey, I want to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), but I also want to participate in No Shave November for cancer awareness. I can’t do both at once, can I?

Me: Wait! You can! You CAN do two things at once.


Why yes, in this scenario, you are Bender from Futurama.

This mashup of growing facial hair for cancer awareness and writing a novel to increase, well, the amount of novels in the world, are the perfect mashup. Sure, you can just grow a beard or a mustache or, I suppose, leg or armpit hair to help spread awareness while also writing a novel. But I feel we can combine these two movements better than that. Below are some of my NaNoWriMoNoShaveNo mashup ideas.

Write your story from the perspective of the hair growing from your body

This might seem a little weird at first, but I think this is a narrating voice you could easily get into. Play with it and see if you can find the right voice for your hair. Is the hair in your mustache red? Then give your hair a sparky voice. Is your beard silky? Imagine it has the smooth seductive voice.

Make the plot of your story revolve around the length of your main character’s beard

Have your character go through multiple transformations. When his beard is full, he’s a manly lumberjack defending young damsels in red from wolves. Did he trim it around the sides a bit? Alright, now he’s in a death metal band touring Europe. What’s that? He’s shaved the mustache and kept the beard? It’s time to move the plot onto an early American farming community.

Devote an entire chapter of whatever novel you were already writing to the description of growing, grooming, and maintaining facial hair

As a woman, I think this would be a pretty useful insight. You could imitate Herman Melville’s style in the middle chapters of Moby-Dick. Instead of writing about whaling and whale guts and whale blubber and rotting whale blubber, you can write about not shaving. In fact, this would be a great selling point on the back of your novel “Like Moby-Dick, but without all the whale gut descriptions. Instead, you get facial hair. A white whale may or may not be included.”

Do you have some great ideas on a NaNoWriMo and No Shave November mashup? Share those ideas in the comments below! #NaNoWriMoNoShaveNo #NoShaveNovember #NaNoWriMo

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