Story Shots: True Love

For better or worse, it’s February 14th and that means love (or, depending on your point of view a horrible reminder that you are single or an exploitative capitalist holiday) is in the air!

True love, sorry – I have to get this out of my system:

Anyway, true love is a concept that permeates our system and the holiday, whether one believes in the concept or not. Below are our writer’s offerings on the concept of true love for your enjoyment on this Valentine’s Day.

Instead of doing my thesis work, I opened a private browser tab and I went to Buzzfeed to read stupid articles and take stupid quizzes because my brain was over thinking.

Take This Quiz to See if You’ve Ever Been in Love

I already knew the answer – but fuck it.

Do you currently have a boyfriend?


Are you seeing anyone?


Would you say you believe in true love?

God no. Wait, why isn’t that an option?

I can’t say I’m one that believes in a lot – I believe in the power of the written word.

I believe in people power – that’s why I’m a socialist.

I believe in community and support.

But I don’t think there’s just one person out there – one person for me, and only one person for me.

What if that person was born in Palestine and was killed by an Israeli bomb?

What if they died in the second Gulf War?

Does that mean I’ll forever be alone or stuck with people who aren’t appealing to my soul?

I feel like there are many people we can be happy with – content with – in love with. Love, to me, isn’t about souls as much as it’s about a mutual agreement of support, caring, friendship, and sex.

And contracts can be entered into and exited with more than one person.

I click submit on the quiz –

Nope, I’ve never been in love. But it predicts I’ll meet the person who is my true love in six months from now at a party.

– Amanda Riggle

The Greeks believed that we were once one person with two heads, four arms, and four legs. Zeus grew jealous of this relationship and tore these bodies in half, so that one was always seeking the other to find wholeness.

The Chinese believed that a red string tied on our index fingers linked us together. This string could be stretched over unimaginable distances, but always remained a durable link to the person on the other end.

Judeo-Christianity believes that man gave one rib to make woman, harking back to Adam and Eve. Many feel this symbolizes woman’s place next to her partner. Side by side. Arm in arm.

I may not know how or why I found you, but all I know for sure is that you are my soulmate.

You are someone who makes me feel whole.
You are someone I always feel connected to no matter the distance.
And you are someone I always want by my side.

And so, I promise to work at our relationship so that you always feel whole.
To create a caring home so that you feel connected to it and me.
And to be by your side no matter what adventures lie ahead of us.

But most importantly, I promise to love you.

– Nicole Embrey

Sometimes all the good doesn’t outweigh the bad. Like the scale is always tipped in their favor, whoever they are. Sometimes I think, maybe happiness is a sham and it’s like the Buddhists say—all the world is suffering. Sometimes I think, a soul mate is a life boat. A buoy. Something to hold onto while we ride out the storm. Like you can look into their eyes and know that everything will be alright. That this is what it means when a person becomes a home.

But really, I don’t know if soul mates exist at all. Or if they’re like a God a weaker person clings to.

I don’t know. But you give me faith. You lift me above these turbulent waters.

– Melanie Nichole Figueroa

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