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Literary Paraphernalia: 10 Valentine’s Gifts for (Book) Lovers

Valentine’s Day is eight days away. If you’re still looking for a gift for your sweet, then this is the list for you (well—if your Valentine is a book lover, that is).

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This message-in-a-bottle necklace has a love poem inside it. Specifically, E.E. Cumming: “i carry your heart with me(i carry it in / my heart)i am never without it.” You can also request a custom order and create your own love message.

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We love Mr. Darcy and this mug. Ladies, maybe if we drink from this cup every morning he’ll magically appear before us? A girl can dream.

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If you love words, then these quotation mark earrings are for you.

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Most of the country is still experiencing freezing temperatures. Wrap your loved one in the warmth of your love (yeah—that just happened). The scarf comes in several different colors.

Literary Paraphernalia: The Second Life of Romance Novels

carrie_annCarrie Ann Schumacher is an artist and teacher living in Chicago. She uses various mediums to create her pieces, like paint, videos, and even the pages of romance novels. With the book pages, Carrie Ann makes beautiful, one-of-a-kind dresses. I first stumbled upon her dresses on Tumblr; I spent the next hour captivated by them, scrolling through older posts and making my way to her website, where I scanned through her portfolio. Each dress is extremely elaborate and intricate. I was curious about Carrie Ann’s process and the books that inspired the pieces, so I reached out to her for an interview.

The Poetics Project: First off, I’ve looked at most of the pieces you’ve shared on your Tumblr and website. My favorites so far are Vicki and The Vision, Harlequin, and Never the Prom Queen. Do you have any favorites?

Carrie Ann Schumacher: Every dress is my favorite and my least favorite when I make it. On one hand, I’m usually pretty excited when I’m done because I’ve tried something new or I’ve executed something that’s been floating around in my head for a while. On the other hand, I know every single flaw and mistake of each dress. There’s definitely an unglamorous side of creating the pieces that I’m intimate with, so sometimes it’s hard for me to see the beauty. Alice and the Boy She Left Behind will always be my favorite-favorite, at least when it was first made. Creating the dress was this really intense out-of-body experience. I made that piece the week after my grandmother died as a prayer and an apology, and it was exhausting and all consuming. Seeing it completed was like coming through to the other side or giving birth; all of a sudden you’re at the start of something new. I think I slept for three days when I was finally done.

Literary Paraphernalia: 10 Buttons for Book Lovers

Book fashion and accessories are hard to find in your local malls. Often times, I’ve had to take to in order to find unique and stylish pieces. This week, I wanted to share some cute, literary buttons—one for every kind of book lover—I found in several of Etsy’s shops.

For The Reader Who Wants to be Left Alone


Find it on Etsy.
Find it on Etsy.


For the Brutally Honest, Socially Awkward Book Lover


Find it on Etsy.
Find it on Etsy.


For the Serious Readers


Find it on Etsy.


And for the Logical Ones


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For the Rebellious Book Nerd


Find it on Etsy.
Find it on Etsy.


And Finally, for the Book Snobs


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Literary Paraphernalia: All The Things I Want for Christmas

I’m going to be clear and straightforward with this blog post – this isn’t a gift list for other people, this isn’t a list of neat book things, this list is specifically things I want this holiday season. Why? Because I can. And they are all book related. And you might want some of these too.

Early on in the blog, I made a post about my friend Kaylee’s shop on Etsy.Com featuring tons of nerd gear in the form of buttons, thongs, notebooks, and t-shirts. Her stuff is still up and she’s always adding new awesome things that I want to own to her shop.

Like her thongs:

I can think of no better quote from Harry Potter to put on a pair of panties.
Ahem, his name is Jamie.

Or some of her buttons:

This is why I have a piano. Now I just need the cat.
Among other lifelong habits.

Literary Parphernalia: Accessories for a Book Nerd’s Holiday Wish List

As the holidays approach, I’ve been searching for cute, book fashion to put on my list. As always, I hit to find unique items. A book nerd can never have too many accessories that show off their love of words.

This Pride and Prejudice scarf is adorable, and will help keep you warm during the winter. (Note: Click on the photos to be taken to their Etsy pages).


These cute necklaces come with quotes from various writers, like Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling, and Tolkien. For only $12, I think I might have to get a few.




With this flask, you can sneak your “polyjuice potion” into just about anywhere and turn into whoever you choose.


For The Girl Who Loves Books, Nerd Culture, and Thongs

My friend Kaylee, an English Lit major at UCLA, has an shop in which she sells t-shirts, notebooks, and, of course, thongs that are, as I like to call it, nerd culture and book themed because, why not? Her stuff is cute and she gets a ton of sales around Christmas. We’ve talked about good gifts for writers before, and I think these are fun gifts to get a significant other who loves books or hell, even for someone to get themselves if they are a big enough fan. Below are some items from her shop I adore.

Snape Panties for the girls that love Snape(aka every girl who reads Harry Potter)