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Goodreads Challenge 2015

Last year I pledged that I would read 100 books in 2014 on Goodreads. How’d I do?

Well, okay, I guess.

Percentage wise, I failed. But, when it comes to reading books, everybody wins! Plus, reading 53 books in a year is nothing to turn one’s nose at. In other words, I didn’t reach my goal, but I’m pretty happy with where I ended up.

Missy Lacock, one of our writers, read 10 of her pledged 25 books. But, being a grad student, she has a good excuse.

How’d Melanie Figueroa, co-creator and editor of this blog do?

That’s not so bad.

All in all, 2014 was a good year for books. According to Goodreads, at least.

That's a lot of reading.
That’s a lot of reading.

So how does it look for 2015?

Literary Paraphernalia: A Book Lover’s Holiday Wishlist

If you have a loved one who’s an avid reader or writer and have been searching for that perfect, last-minute gift for the holidays, you might want to check out some of the bookish items we’ve listed below. Or, you know, if you just want to treat yourself a little bit. You deserve it.

Around this time of year, people ask what’s on my wishlist. And let’s face it, sometimes holiday shopping involves a little “One for her, and one for me.” So I got to thinking about some gifts that any book lover could appreciate. We have vintage book clocks, scarves and clothes, mugs, and–behold–a personal library kit. Now when your friends borrow books you can give them a due date!

Personal Library Kit

Vintage Book Clocks

Vintage Book Dictionary Heart Pins

Novel Teas



Congratulations those my age (thirty, almost thirty-one) and younger! We love to read. Research has shown that our generation, referred to as “Millennials,” are out-reading previous generations by a whole lot.

Our love of books is all over the place. We plaster it all over our social media, for example. My friends and I recently participated in the Facebook status update of “Which ten books have stayed with you in some way.”

Dan's list was pretty good. He's a huge American Literature fan, which is probably why he's an English professor.
Dan’s list was pretty good. He’s a huge American Literature fan, which is probably why he’s an English professor.
Nicole's list, of course, is filled with awesome and comics.
Nicole’s list, of course, is filled with awesome and comics.
You know me. I couldn't just stop at 10.
You know me. I couldn’t just stop at 10.

Facebook actually crunched the numbers on the data provided by users posting this list and the results are pretty interesting. For example, I wouldn’t have guessed that To Kill a Mockingbird is the second most influential book, even though it is one I also highly enjoy.

Not only is our generation more likely to read books, but just look at our television shows and movies. We’re not just reading more; more of our pop culture is based on books as well.