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Feminism in the Literary World

This blog, in case you haven’t noticed yet dear readers, was started by two women—Melanie Figueroa and, well, me. Most of our contributors, both past and present, have also been female. We’re all concerned with women’s issues in politics and often have discussions on how frightening some of the issues facing women are, such as state’s placing restrictions on women’s reproductive rights to Darren Sharper being able to rape seven women before he faced any charges.

The world of male dominance doesn’t end at the political or social spheres of our world, but leaks into the literary world as well. VIDA.com is dedicated to counting. What does it count? Well, it counts women in the literary industry, since 2009, and reports on how women are doing, number wise.

Some numbers are encouraging, like the fact that more women are writing for magazines now than ever before overall, but some are saddening, like seventy-five percent or more of the writers at The Atlantic, London Review of Books, New Republic, The Nation, New York Review of Books, and New Yorker being men.

So what? Some might ask. Well, so a lot of things, actually.