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Bookish Beach Towels for Summer

World Domination for Cats Beach Towel available on Society6

Summer may not officially kick off until June 20th, but here in California, the weather is already providing an excuse to throw on a swimsuit and head down to the water. It’s also giving me an excuse to search for bookish beach towels to bring along with me, like the one above (cats are jerks, so it only makes sense that they’re secretly plotting world domination).

Below you can find some more of my favorites.


Another Quiet Spot Beach Towel available on Society6
Another Quiet Spot Beach Towel


It’s story time in this dark forest, where a friendly monster and cute bunny find a quiet spot to read. I love the soft, muted colors and imagery in this print.


Book Dinosaurs Beach Towel available on Society6
Book Dinosaurs Beach Towel


Anyone who knows me can tell you my favorite movie is Jurassic Park (the book, though quite different, is great too), and as such, I’ve always been fascinated with dinosaurs. On this beach towel, the artist has combined dinosaurs and books. I love the fact that the dinosaurs aren’t only reading them, they’re made of them—their bony armor replaced with colorful books.


Literary Paraphernalia: 10 DIY Bookshelves

As much as I enjoy creating vast amounts of Pinterest boards filled with clothes and literary paraphernalia that I can’t afford on my grad student budget, I also think it’s important to reuse what you can. This may not be so simple with clothing or jewelry, but with other things—like bookshelves—there are plenty of items tucked away in your attic or garage that you can turn into some unique shelving to house your friends. Or books, as I hear some people call them.

If you have an old guitar case (or can find one at a garage sale) this is a simple DIY bookshelf. You will need to remove the lid before starting. Afterwards you can replace the lining with decorative paper or newspaper clippings and insert wire rods in several places to rest the books against.

If you thought the shelf above was easy, then you’ll enjoy this one. You need a wood board, two large rocks, and bam! You have a place to set your books. This shelf would also work well sitting below a big screen.

There’s several ways to recreate these floating bookshelves. One involves a book, an L shaped bracket, and glue (which you can find instructions for here). There are also other options that involve using a rubber band in order to protect the book. Although, we can’t be sure how sturdy those are.

This is one of my personal favorites, because the shelf doubles as a coffee table. Find a large spool, attach wheels (if you wish) to the bottom, and insert small, wood cylinders evenly around the spool to rest your books against.

Look at this, in all its upcycling glory. This shelf involves removing the wood panels of a door and then reattaching the panels horizontally. You also have to ensure that each board gradually gets smaller so it will lean against the wall.

This would be adorable for a child’s room. You cut a crate in half and attach it to the wall. Insert books. And you’re done!

To be quite honest, we’re not really sure how this shelf is accomplished. But, it’s pretty amazing and a great way to save space if you have a small house.

Here’s another creative use of crates. Stack them the way you like, and then screw each of them together to make sure it’s secure.

Although we love the way this shelf looks, we can’t guarantee your books won’t plunge to their deaths. But it seems simple enough to put together. Saw an old ladder in half and attach it to your wall.

Now here’s a ladder that looks a bit more sturdy. You can also add more shelves or get a taller ladder if you have a lot of books to display.

This is another favorite of mine. Buy a few picture frames and use boards to create a box with one open side. Screw the frame onto the open side and attach it to the wall. Your friends will think they’re looking at a very realistic painting of your favorite books, until they reach out and touch them.