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Bookish Beach Towels for Summer

World Domination for Cats Beach Towel available on Society6

Summer may not officially kick off until June 20th, but here in California, the weather is already providing an excuse to throw on a swimsuit and head down to the water. It’s also giving me an excuse to search for bookish beach towels to bring along with me, like the one above (cats are jerks, so it only makes sense that they’re secretly plotting world domination).

Below you can find some more of my favorites.


Another Quiet Spot Beach Towel available on Society6
Another Quiet Spot Beach Towel


It’s story time in this dark forest, where a friendly monster and cute bunny find a quiet spot to read. I love the soft, muted colors and imagery in this print.


Book Dinosaurs Beach Towel available on Society6
Book Dinosaurs Beach Towel


Anyone who knows me can tell you my favorite movie is Jurassic Park (the book, though quite different, is great too), and as such, I’ve always been fascinated with dinosaurs. On this beach towel, the artist has combined dinosaurs and books. I love the fact that the dinosaurs aren’t only reading them, they’re made of them—their bony armor replaced with colorful books.


Kickstarter.Com is Weird, or An All Pug Production of Hamlet

Many of you may be familiar with Kickstarter.Com after a person’s project for potato salad went a little out of control, and by out of control I mean above it’s goal of $10 and is currently at $55,492.

(Image Source: Kickstarter.Com)

Now Kickstarter.Com has a proposed crowdfunded all pug production of William Shakespeare’s tragic play Hamlet.

(Image Source: Kickstarter.Com)

And Kevin Broccoli, founder of the project of Puglet, successfully funded his production and it is scheduled to be a live stage show in September of 2015. The production will also be released as a video after it leaves the stage.

Let me say this: I think pugs are all wrong for a production of Hamlet. There are animals much better suited to play Shakespeare, such as cats.

First, let’s compare the popularity of pugs to that of cats, using Google Trends:

See? There is absolutely no comparison between the two search terms. I’ve even extended the search to include anticipated future patterns of the search trends for these two items, pugs and cats, and pugs drop off the search grid entirely while cats continue to be one of the most searched for items on Google.

The Curious Relationship Between Writers and Cats III

My exploration of writers and cats has shown me that many authors enjoy the company of a feline. In other posts, I’ve written about authors like Hemingway, Kerouac, and Williams, which may have led you to believe that only male writers find cats inspiring. But not to worry. Let me ease your mind.

Sylvia Plath, American author, for instance, was inspired by cats. Yes, this inspiration may (who knows?) or may not have led to writing, but it did lead to this drawing, which was one of 44 of her drawings on display in 2011 at London’s Mayor Gallery, by a young Plath (which is still pretty awesome):



The Curious Relationship Between Writers and Cats II

(Credit: buzzfeed.com)
(Credit: buzzfeed.com)

About a month ago, I wrote a post on William Carlos Williams and the writer’s relationship with his cats. While researching the piece, I discovered that many writers had (and still do have) cat muses. The list, in fact, is so long that I am under the impression now that in order to really call yourself a writer, you have to adopt a furry feline.

Hemingway’s house in Key West is crawling with over 50 of his six-toed, polydactyl, cats, which tourists travel from all over the world to take a close look at. The Sun Also Rises author fell in love with his first polydactyl cat, Snowball, while traveling in Cuba. Hemingway felt that cats have “absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” While Hemingway’s cats are now infamous, other writers and their cats may be less known.


The Curious Relationship Between Writers and Cats

Writers have been said to be solitary beings, which may provide insight into why so many writers seem to choose cats as their companions, rather than man’s best friend. Cats aren’t pack animals, meaning they don’t feel the need to do what anyone else wants them to do. And they have large, peculiar personalities, which can also be said of writers.

When I began researching this curious relationship between writers and cats, I stumbled upon a poem written by William Carlos Williams:

As the Cat

As the cat
climbed over
the top of

the jamcloset
first the right

then the hind
stepped down

into the pit of
the empty