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Literary Paraphernalia: Shakespeare Home Decor

To continue with our celebration of The Swan of Avon, I’ve found some really cool items to turn your ordinary, 21st century home into a Shakespeare extravaganza. It’s not quiet like The Globe, but hey, what in life is like The Globe?

Hamlet Mixed Media Print

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite nest, of most excellent fancy bird hats.

Lady Macbeth Soap Dispenser

You too can feel like a murderess cleaning her hands of her sins every time you go to wash your hands.

The Tempest Poster

Take a leap and stick this bold poster inspired by The Tempest up on your wall and see what devils come to play in your life.

As You Like It Stained Glass

This stained glass quote would look cool in any window or hanging out in a garden – wherever you may like it.


Sorry Dewey

I have purchased and assembled my very first full-sized bookshelf and, after a few hours of screwing and hammering, I realized that I had a task ahead of me I didn’t have to face when I just had my books in boxes – how to organize my books on the shelf.

Yes, I used stuffed animals as book ends.
Yes, I used stuffed animals as book ends.

Way back in junior high, I did actually volunteer to help out in the library and I learned the Dewey Decimal System for organizing books. While this system works wonders in libraries, my lonely little shelf didn’t need to be organized in such a meticulous manner. Instead, I really wanted to think of aesthetics because I wanted my first bookshelf filled with books to look good.

I could organize all my books by size and weight first, then organize them alphabetically by author last name. That would make the most sense, but who says that I make sense on a regular basis?

I could just put the books away and worry about them at a later time because it was 11 p.m. at this point and I had just spent a few hours assembling my shelf, but that would have also been too easy and would have made too much sense.

No, instead, I organized by size, weight and color. Yes, color.


All I Want for Christmas

It’s that time of year again–the holiday season. Personally, my work has been playing Christmas music since Halloween started, so I’ve been over the holidays for about a month now.

Putting that aside, there are many ways out there for book lovers to celebrate the season with book-based cheer!

(Credit: Mary Murtz)

Ah yes, the first adaptation involves killing trees, but not to rot away in your living room while leaving a pile of pine needles on your floor. Instead, clear off your bookshelf and make yourself a book tree!

Maybe a tree isn’t your style–how about, oh, I don’t know, making a book wreath out of an old or unwanted (hard to imagine, right?) book of your choosing.


Don’t Deny it: You Want a Home Library, Too!

I’ve known for a long time that I want a library in my future home. When I was fourteen and had absolutely no money to my name, my father taught me how to log on to his Amazon and Ebay accounts so I could order books that would magically appear on the front porch within one week. I would order anywhere from three to five books every time I logged onto his account, so I accumulated a library of books very quickly. With just over two hundred books in my apartment today, I am well on my way to my goal of having a library in my future home. I don’t think it will need to be anything fancy; I just need a room to display my books and read them one by one in a big comfy chair by the fireplace, perhaps with a glass of red wine or gin. If it is two stories, that would be rather nice, too; then I could have a rolling ladder or a spiral staircase. Or both. Nothing too special, really.

Some days when I’m feeling uninspired by life, I go on Pinterest and look up bookshelves and home libraries, reminding myself that if I can just bring myself to write a best-selling novel, I can actually have the money to bring my dreams of having a home library to reality.

Here are some from my “Library Inspiration” Board: