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Amazon’s Kindle Matchbook Program: The Future of Book Buying?

In October, Amazon launched a new bundling program for e-books and print books called the Kindle Matchbook. The program allows customers who purchase a print book–or have already bought–to buy the e-book for anywhere from $2.99 to free.

1003704_442520989179525_628083315_nI have always felt that e-books and print books do not have to be mortal enemies, one leading to the others death. They can work together. I read print books. The only e-books I read are in the form of PDFs on my computer that a professor generally assigned. I don’t own a Kindle or an iPad. To be honest, i’m not sure my eyes would last long enough for me to read an entire book on a screen anyway (I tend to get migraines fairly easily). But that’s not to say I don’t see the value in e-books.

I buy hardcovers when I buy books, and maybe that’s because I have a romantic vision of what my future house will look like, with a room dedicated to books, but it’s also because I’m a re-reader. If a book’s good, I will re-read it at least once ever couple years, and my paperbacks have suffered from my re-reading. I recently had to dump my high school copy of The Bell Jar because I had highlighted, dog-eared, and tortured the poor thing to the point that it was falling apart. An e-book would be useful to someone like me. Where as some readers feel that you have to choose a side, e-books or print books, i’ve always wondered, why not both? I can read my hardcover from the safety of my own home, and the e-book can come with me everywhere else–I can access it on my iPhone while on a bus or plane, while in the waiting room at my doctor’s office. I can even spare my hardcovers the highlighting and notes in the margins and use my e-book for that instead.