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Literary Paraphernalia: 10 DIY Projects for Book Lovers

I’m a poor college student. Actually, all of the writers of this blog are college students and fairly broke. While we write these posts about literary paraphernalia and how much we’d love to own some of these great book-related items, we really can’t afford to.

It makes me sad.

That’s why I decided to hijack this column for the week and do a list of DIY projects that range from easy to difficult and aren’t terribly expensive.

We’ll start with the easy DIY projects first. These will require little to no extra crafting gear outside of say, glue, a pen, and maybe some scissors.

DIY Paint Chip Bookmarks

(Credit: BellaCarta.Typepad.Com)

This bookmark is simple, cheap, and versatile. While doodling flowers is one method of decorating this bookmark, another (which I would probably do) would be to write your favorite book quote on draw various literary characters into the different colored boxes.


DIY Mini Notebooks

(Image Source: KaleyAnn.Com)
(Credit: KaleyAnn.Com)

These cute little notebooks are a snap to make and great for writers to use! You can also grab some Sharpies and decorate the covers. These would also make cute gifts.

That Place Where Abandoned Writing Projects Live

Long ago, in a far away galaxy, Amanda Riggle wrote a short post on where abandoned writing projects go, and I liked it so much that I wanted to share it again with our readers today. I, as well as Amanda, believe that you should never toss out any writing projects, no matter how small and no matter how hopeless they may seem. I have folders hidden away on my computer that sometimes, years later, I return to. Some of these weren’t as horrible as I originally thought, and I have turned them into longer pieces, while others—still horrible—had something about them that stuck with me. I used them as jumping off points for other pieces entirely.

Here’s what Amanda had to say about abandoned writing projects:

When my little sister was younger, she watched a TV show called ChalkZone. It was about the land where erased chalk drawings go once they are cleared from the board. It was a creative and cute show, and I’ve always imagined what it would be like if there were a land where abandoned writing projects went.

There would be less chalk, that’s for sure.

I’d like to imagine there’s a world out there where unbelievable plots fight with each other, bad puns run amok, cliche rhymes can roam free, and confused similes and metaphors ruled the land.

This land would be beautiful. I want to go there.

But, in all seriousness, what do people do with their abandoned writing projects?


All I Want for Christmas

It’s that time of year again–the holiday season. Personally, my work has been playing Christmas music since Halloween started, so I’ve been over the holidays for about a month now.

Putting that aside, there are many ways out there for book lovers to celebrate the season with book-based cheer!

(Credit: Mary Murtz)

Ah yes, the first adaptation involves killing trees, but not to rot away in your living room while leaving a pile of pine needles on your floor. Instead, clear off your bookshelf and make yourself a book tree!

Maybe a tree isn’t your style–how about, oh, I don’t know, making a book wreath out of an old or unwanted (hard to imagine, right?) book of your choosing.