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Literary Paraphernalia: Adult Coloring Books

As soon as adult coloring books became a thing (I really don’t know what defines “a thing” – I just know that everyone I know is talking about them), I wanted to do a post taking a look at the trend.

What I was really curious about was what made a coloring book “adult” versus one for kids or one for all ages. The general answer seems to be that adult color books are a heck of a lot harder to color because the lines are a lot closer together and the coloring area is fairly small.

But, a more fun answer is that the subject matter changes. Children’s color books tend to be about, say, monsters. Adult coloring books are about dinosaurs getting high (featured later in this blog post, so I won’t link it here). Now, if you’re interested in adult coloring books, you can always head down to your local chain-market and make a purchase of something generic filled with flowers or birds or what have you, or you can check out these adult coloring books from Etsy.Com, support an artist, and have a truly unique coloring book.

Without further ado, here’s a crap-ton of amazing adult coloring books I found on Etsy.Com. For funsies, I’m going to list these as most all-ages friendly to least all-ages friendly. So if you want the raunchy stuff, skip to the end.


Kickstarter.Com is Weird, or An All Pug Production of Hamlet

Many of you may be familiar with Kickstarter.Com after a person’s project for potato salad went a little out of control, and by out of control I mean above it’s goal of $10 and is currently at $55,492.

(Image Source: Kickstarter.Com)

Now Kickstarter.Com has a proposed crowdfunded all pug production of William Shakespeare’s tragic play Hamlet.

(Image Source: Kickstarter.Com)

And Kevin Broccoli, founder of the project of Puglet, successfully funded his production and it is scheduled to be a live stage show in September of 2015. The production will also be released as a video after it leaves the stage.

Let me say this: I think pugs are all wrong for a production of Hamlet. There are animals much better suited to play Shakespeare, such as cats.

First, let’s compare the popularity of pugs to that of cats, using Google Trends:

See? There is absolutely no comparison between the two search terms. I’ve even extended the search to include anticipated future patterns of the search trends for these two items, pugs and cats, and pugs drop off the search grid entirely while cats continue to be one of the most searched for items on Google.