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Literary Paraphernalia: Wearable Shakespeare

It’s no secret – I’m a fan of Shakespeare. And April is a special month for Shakespeare fans. April 23rd, 1616 is the day Shakespeare passed away. His final resting place is Stratford-Upon-Avon in the United Kingdom. Instead of mourning for someone we lost almost 400 years ago, I instead want to celebrate the work of his life. For the month of April, all of the Literary Paraphernalia posts will be Shakespeare themed in order to honor his memory and his work. Today’s post is all about wearable Shakespeare gear from Etsy.Com.

Hamlet Scarf

To be or not to be…cold. You don’t have to be with this.

Shakespeare Zombie Tank

What better way to celebrate Shakespeare’s death than to imagine what he’d be like if he were a zombie?

Ophelia Skirt

This skirt is the painting Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais, inspired by Ophelia’s death in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.

Hamlet “No” Quote T-Shirt

Well, that’s oddly specific. It’s also a pretty cool t-shirt.


Book Fashion for a Book Nerd

Several years ago, my boyfriend gave me a bracelet made out of old typewriter keys. It is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It’s cute, but also meaningful, since writing is something that will always be a part of my life. If you want your own typewriter bracelet, there are dozens on Etsy.com. There are many different designs, some featuring numbers, others featuring letters, or ones that spell out whole words.


The bracelet and past posts featured on The Poetics Project have me looking for other ways to show the world my love of books and writing through fashion. I fell in love with this adorable bookshelf skirt, which can be found here, after seeing it on a recent post by BookRiot.


Need to see the words on the page a little better? Pick up this cute necklace, featuring a pair of black-rimmed glasses, by Kate Spade here , and then visit your optometrist, because, really, these won’t help with your eyesight.