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I Searched for Shakespeare, and I Found Some in Taiwan

Well, in my previous post, I talked about searching for a book for my professor in Taipei, Taiwan. Unfortunately, about half way through my trip, I received an email from him stating that the book had been sent to him in the mail by the company that produced it, and he asked that my search be called off.

While I now didn’t have to look for a specific book for him, I still opted to search for Shakespeare in Taiwan and had fun while doing it.

The bookstore was only the second and third floor of the building, so don't get too excited.While in Taipei, I stopped into the Eslite Bookstore, the largest bookstore in Taipei, found the British Lit section and proceeded to search for Shakespeare. I found an entire shelf of Shakespeare, mostly in Chinese, and plopped down in front of the bookshelf and proceeded to go through EVERY copy of EVERY Shakespeare play they had in the place.

I ended up buying four books, and I will share each of them with you below.

Searching for Shakespeare in Taipei, Taiwan

This summer I am traveling abroad, and a lot of my friends have made requests of me while I am away. I am going to Taiwan to teach English Pronunciation and I shall be landing in Taipei and teaching at a university just a half hour away from the main city.

It’s going to be awesome. ¬†And, honestly, I don’t mind the requests my friends are making of me because they are going to lead to some great adventures to talk about in the future.

My friend Ray told me I have to eat everything, gross or not. I’m not a super duper picky eater, but I am picky compared to Ray, who traveled to Peru and ate guinea pig and llama.

My little sister, Tessa, wants me to find her a kimono. She knows they are Japanese, but she still wants one from Taiwan. I’m sure it’ll be interesting to try and find one.

No matter where I go, Shakespeare follows, it seems.
No matter where I go, Shakespeare follows, it seems.

And, probably the strangest request of all, my scholarship mentor, Dr. Rocklin, requested that I attempt to find him a copy of a book published by the Bangzi company that produced a version of Merchant of Venice in Chinese, and then re-translated the translated version back into English. The book has the Chinese version on one side, and the English re-translated version on the other.